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Our wraps are designed to fit comfortably on your body for maximum heat benefits.  Heat in the microwave for a moist, deep penetrating heat that relaxes and soothes tired, aching muscles and joints.  Increases circulation. 

Apr. 25, 2010 | By Jonathan Croswell
Heat therapy can affect the circulatory system by dilating blood vessels.  This increases your body's ability to provide oxygen to all of its parts, and can be very beneficial to the healing processes of damaged tissue-increased oxygen flow also provides a surplus of energy, promoting a more rapid regeneration and healing process than your tissues might otherwise experience.
Heat therapy can provide some amount of pain relief by stimulating the sensory receptors in your skin.  Heat can decrease the frequency and amount of pain signals sent to the brain, providing temporary pain relief.  This is very beneficial to muscular or skeletal injuries that will heal over time.  In addition to the increased blood flow to the areas, pain reduction can also make the injury easier to deal with, particularly if it is necessary to your daily routine or if you are competing in a sport.
For many athletes-particularly those dealing with tender or strained muscles-warming up is key.  This is most commonly done through stretching, but it can also be achieved through heat therapy.  Heat treatments allow soft tissues to move with more freedom and a reduced risk of injury, and also creates a sense of comfort in those locations.  For this type of treatment, heat therapy is usually regional and focused on a particular area rather than applied to the entire body.  It can be very effective in limbering up the back and increasing flexibility in muscle groups.

Chemical free and Eco friendly!  Pure and natural, just like you want them!  

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