Our wraps are designed to fit comfortably on your body for maximum heat benefits.  Heat in the microwave for a moist, deep penetrating heat that relaxes and soothes tired, aching muscles and joints.  Increases circulation. 

Apr. 25, 2010 | By Jonathan Croswell
Heat therapy can affect the circulatory system by dilating blood vessels.  This increases your body's ability to provide oxygen to all of its parts, and can be very beneficial to the healing processes of damaged tissue-increased oxygen flow also provides a surplus of energy, promoting a more rapid regeneration and healing process than your tissues might otherwise experience.

Heat therapy can provide some amount of pain relief by stimulating the sensory receptors in your skin.  Heat can decrease the frequency and amount of pain signals sent to the brain, providing temporary pain relief.  This is very beneficial to muscular or skeletal injuries that will heal over time.  In addition to the increased blood flow to the areas, pain reduction can also make the injury easier to deal with, particularly if it is necessary to your daily routine or if you are competing in a sport.

For many athletes-particularly those dealing with tender or strained muscles-warming up is key.  This is most commonly done through stretching, but it can also be achieved through heat therapy.  Heat treatments allow soft tissues to move with more freedom and a reduced risk of injury, and also creates a sense of comfort in those locations.  For this type of treatment, heat therapy is usually regional and focused on a particular area rather than applied to the entire body.  It can be very effective in limbering up the back and increasing flexibility in muscle groups.

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Heat Wraps  by Lavender Wraps

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Sonoma Valley Lavender Spa Blanket
What are lavender wraps?
Lavender Wraps are handcrafted, aromatherapy-infused wraps that adapt to parts of your body which are prone to aching due to stress or muscles being over worked. Our wraps include neck wraps, neck rolls, heat wraps, back wraps, spa booties, spa blankets and mini spa blankets that can be heated for added comfort delivering soothing fragrances to further calm nerve endings, making your body and mind more relaxed.

We are proud to announce that we are the 2014 winners of Santa Rosa's Wellness Award under our wholesale name of Bourgeon de Lavande (Lavender Bud) DBA:  Lavender Wraps Wholesale . We also boast unwavering support from hundreds of satisfied customers from the medical, business, and fitness fields. They all agree that Lavender Wraps are a great addition to any business that works with people, their health, and their healing processes.
Our journey with Lavender Wraps
Our journey with Lavender Wraps began after realizing the huge need for medical groups, spas and hospitals to provide something more than the usual sterilized pillow. The added comforts of a lavender wrap, heat therapy and fragrance, have made them extremely popular items featured by spa owners, in physicians clinics, dentist offices, and as favorite gifts for family and friends.

Based in Sonoma County, our wraps are handcrafted by aromatherapy artisans in the city of Santa Rosa, California. Our crafters use only all natural ingredients in their purest form, the finest quality of fabrics, and a unique artistry in style.  We use essential oil infused flax seed inserts, and washable covers to make your relaxation experience even more enjoyable. You are welcome to give us your specifications, and we would be happy to give you the product that you need and want. Our business is our pride, so feel free to visit our website and read the excellent reviews that have honored our brand, thanks to our happy customers.
​                       10 reasons to fall in love with Lavender Wraps
  • Our product is created and made by artisans right here in the USA. 
  • Only natural and pure ingredients are used in the crafting of our wraps. 
  • The quality of our fabric is excellent so your skin will be always pampered. 
  • Flax seeds infused with pure essential oils are used for heat retention in all our wraps. 
  • All of our inserts are billowed for more even heat, no cold spots.
  • For "cold therapy" put your wrap in plastic bag and freeze.
  • The inserts are also removable and all covers are cold-water washable.
  • Clients are welcome to give product-specifications at no additional charge. 
  • We offer competitive prices for a better quality product.
  • Hot or cold, these wraps stay flexible, conforming to your body.

Heat Wraps  by Lavender Wraps
Heat Wraps  by Lavender Wraps